How to assemble your BikeTaggr

Mounting your BikeTaggr is very easy. Depending on your preferences, you can either use screws, zip ties or a combination of both. Check out this video for a few examples of places where your could put the BikeTaggr.


For assembly, please follow the instructions below.

Please keep in mind that the strength of the BikeTaggr comes from assembling the three acrylic pieces together correctly and firmly. While it is certainly possible to break an individual piece if you try, it is very difficult when the unit is correctly assembled around an AirTag.

Step 1: Unpack your BikeTaggr product

Your package contains two zip ties, 2 sets of binding screws and 3 acrylic elements.

You will also need your AirTag and a screwdriver.


2. Pull the zip ties through the piece with the biggest wings

This step is optional. If you don't plan to mount the BikeTaggr with zip ties, you can skip it.


4. Place the AirTag in the hole with the Apple logo facing downwards


5. Place the piece with the T-shaped wing patterns over the AirTag and zip ties.


6. Observe the last piece. On one side, the inner ring is slightly shaved to match the shape of AirTag perfectly.


7. Place the third piece on top of the AirTag with the shaved side inwards and push the two screw caps into their holes


8. Flip the BikeTaggr upside down and insert the remaining two screws. Tighten with your fingers and give them a final twist with a screwdriver.


Your BikeTaggr is now assembled and ready to install on your bike.

The BikeTaggr is designed so that the AirTag battery cap will face towards the bike frame when installed. This is done to prevent by-passers from deactivating the AirTag by removing the battery. Please keep this in mind when positioning the BikeTaggr.

If you decide to install the BikeTaggr in one of your bike frame’s existing screw holes - for instance under the bottle cage or behind a reflex - all you need to do is dismount the accessory, place the BikeTaggr and re-install the accessory over it. You can add extra security by also using the zip ties.

If you decide to install the BikeTaggr some place where there are no screw holes, you can instead use the zip ties to ensure a firm and secure grip.

In some places, for instance under the saddle, the outer holes of the BikeTaggr might be best suited for holding the zip ties. In such cases you do not need to add the zip ties during the assembly steps. You can simply just run them through the outer holes when you are mounting the device on your bike.

Your AirTag is now installed on your bike and your bikes whereabouts is one less thing for you to worry about. Enjoy your new-found freedom!

If you have any trouble assembling or installing your BikeTaggr, you are always welcome to reach out to us either via e-mail or by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.