CarTaggr - Secure AirTag car mount

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ATTENTION: This product does not include Apple AirTags. These must be purchased separately from Apple.

CarTaggr is a specialized case for Apple AirTags, designed for safe mounting behind your car's license plate.

With the introduction of AirTags, Apple provides a great product keeping track of your car's location. Placing an AirTag on your car can help you find it whether it's just lost among the crowd in a big parking lot, or in case that someone stole it.

We have designed CarTaggr to help you place your AirTag hidden and securely behind the license plate of your car, so that the signal strength of the AirTag is optimal while not revealing the location of the AirTag to anyone.

Here's how we did it:

  • Forged in 2 layers of hard premium cast acrylic, CarTaggr is strong and durable, yet slim and discreet
  • Allowing your to mount the AirTag externally on your car, CarTaggr optimizes signal strength while simultaneously reducing the risk that a thief might find it while driving.

Installation is simple and takes less than 5 minutes: Just activate your AirTag, assemble the CarTaggr around it, unmount your license plate an re-attach it with CarTaggr sitting behind, leveraging the same screws as your plate.

Note: Depending on car make and model, you might need longer screws to securely attach the CarTaggr to your plate, we recommend 1" to 1¼" tamper proof screws (not included). CarTaggr ships with optional spacers to help you create the perfectly fit.