DogTaggr Nylon - Reflective collar with AirTag case for dogs

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ATTENTION: This product does not include Apple AirTags. These must be purchased separately from Apple.

DogTaggr Nylon is a quality nylon dog collar with an integrated pocket for Apple AirTag. The design is comfortable for the dog and the material is very durable in all types of weather. The collar has a reflective design, providing protection in traffic for evening walks.

The integrated AirTag case closes with a small screw (screwdriver included), ensuring that the AirTag cannot ever fall out by accident. This makes DogTaggr Nylon one of our safest solutions for pets.

By putting an AirTag case on your dog, you're always be able to track its location in case it ever runs away or gets lost. Furthermore, anyone who finds your dog can scan the AirTag with an iPhone or Android phone to get your name and contact information, so that they can bring it safely home again.

Size guide:
M: 15.75 - 17.72 in
L: 17.72 - 19.69 in
XL: 19.69 - 21.65 in

MATERIAL: Polyester + diving material
COLORS: Black, blue, orange, green
3.5 oz