SafeTaggr - Full-body shockproof AirTag case

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ATTENTION: This product does not include Apple AirTags. These must be purchased separately from Apple.

SafeTaggr is a shockproof case ideal for Apple AirTag, designed for attaching on any bag, backpack, zipper or clothing.

If you're an active trekker or extreme sports practitioner, you know how important it is that you're easily found if you ever have an accident and need assistance.

SafeTaggr is designed so you can bring an AirTag with you on your adventures and not have to worry about whether it would survive a hit or fall, increasing your chances of getting help if you're ever in trouble.

MATERIAL: Silicone
WEIGHT: 0.5 oz
3.1 x 1.2 in
Black, yellow, blue, orange, pink, green & orange